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Huashan Social Welfare Foundation

2F., No.420, Zhongzheng Rd., Shilin Dist.
Taipei Taiwan 11162
+886 2-2836-3919 EXT.215
+886 2-2834-7255
Taiwan has become an aging society. According to the Ministry of lnterior, people 65 or older amounted to 13.3 percent of total population in Taiwan in 2017, over the standard set by WHO for an aging society. Obviously, senior citizen welfare has become an inevitable issue that need to be handled carefully for the government and the society as a whole. Acknowledging this critical issue, in 1999, Mr.Chao Ching founded Huashan Social Welfare Foundation for those elderly people who are physically challenged or suffer from dementia, or those who live alone. Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s original goal setting up “community half-way station” in every township, a total of 369, all around Taiwan, even in outlying islands Kinmen and Penghu, to provide home-based geriatric day care for local communities has altered to establish one “community-half station” in an area with a population of 50,000, bringing about penetrating the local more thoroughly due to the rapid change in aging society nowadays. Caring services include home visits by volunteers, accompanying to health clinics/hospitals for medical treatment, bathing, material need assistance, and transferring to proper care facility and the like. You can contribute to these benevolent efforts by donating or joining the volunteer group. By doing so, everyone can make the elderly people feel the care, warmth and love from the society; you may become part of our team to care for underprivileged elderly in Taiwan. *The email below is actually the contact window, and please feel free to contact if you have any question.
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